Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Someone great came to Drake yesterday

Her name is Neenah Ellis and she came to my JMC 98 class yesterday morning, and then in the afternoon I went to her speech at Cowles Library. She read part of two of the stories of the book and I really like her voice and intonation reading. She is just great. I hope one day I would be like her. And she graduated from Drake in Radio and Television! :o)
I read for my class her book "If I live to be 100: Lessons from the Centenarians" and I really like, but after listening to her yesterday everything she does looks great.

Ellis at class- Ellis en clase
Neenah Ellis 007
Ellis at the library- Ellis en la biblioteca
Neenah Ellis 011

This is part of the paper I wrote for my class talking about her visit:
I really like her speech this morning. She looks very interested in our opinion and in our questions. All her answers sounded very sincere and in my case they were very helpful.
“You have to know what you are selling, what do they need, what do you know and what can you offer to whom,” said Ellis to a question about who buys freelance work. I was impressed because she decided to change her job when she had almost everything at NPR to be a freelance.
I think her experiences writing the book "If I Live to Be 100” were very important in her life. When she told about the people she interviewed, as in the case of Anna Wilmot when she showed her picture, it seems like she really love this person, and a special relation has growth between them.
I think she is a good example for us. Not just because she is the prototype of journalist that all media wanted now: she has experience, she travel a lot, she knows how to do interviews.
But also she has the view to do more things that just questions. She knows how to record the sound, edit it, take pictures, write a book, develop a web page, etc.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Time with family and friends

I spent a lot of time of the break with my friends. I decided not to bring my Drake books and homework to Spain. First of all because my baggage always has problems and then because I decided to have a week without homework.
So from Sunday to Sunday I spent time with family and friends. I cook, I went to some dinners, I drank a lot of coffees, I went to Madrid one day and I read another book of Paul Auster.
Lorena and Iria- Lorena e Iria
With Ana and Lara- Con Ana y Lara
Cristina eating ice cream- Cristina comiendo helado
foto 005
Rita drinking a special coffee- Rita tomando un café especial
foto 006

And now in Spanish...
Y ahora en español...

Pasé mucho tiempo de las vacaciones con mis amigos. Decidí no llevar mis libros y la tarea de Drake a España. Lo primero porque mi maleta siempre tiene problemas y porque decidí tener una semana sin hacer deberes.
De domingo a domingo pasé tiempo con mi familia y mis amigos, cociné, fui de cenas, bebí muchos cafés, fui a Madrid un día y leí otro libro de Paul Auster.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What are you doing here?

I am in Spain. I arrived on Sunday at Barajas airport in Madrid and then I went to my hometown. It was a big surprise to all my family because only my parents knew about it. So, I arrived at my house, I opened the door and my uncle was there sitting on a chair, he moved his face and asked: "What are you doing here?". I continued giving surprises. I went to the kitchen and my grandmother was there, when she realized that someone was waiting at the door, she turned her face and looked at my, "What are you doing here?." And finally, my grandfather. He was sleeping, so I decided to wait until he woke up. I was talking with my family and then he went to the kitchen where we were talking. He looked at all of us and then he realized that I was there, "You are here! What are you doing here?."
Sunday dinner was great. My other grandparents and my uncles came to my home and we have a big dinner together.
I happy end after three days traveling to arrive.
The plane at JFK airport- El avion en el aeropuerto JFK

Friday, March 16, 2007

Have a wonderful break!

I am going to Spain during Spring Break. I have to spend some time with my family and do some papers that I need for this summer.
I hope I can do everything in this few time. In just a week I have to flight from Chicago to Spain, go to the US embassy in Madrid, go to my hometown, the doctor, the laptop company, and the best of all, see my family and friends.
I am at Chicago now, at a friend's house and I will flight tomorrow from Chicago. I am not going to translate this post to Spanish because my family reads it and they don't know that I am going, just my mum. And that makes me happy but also very nervous. I hope they like the surprise.
Today I put this picture of snow at Drake campus because this last week the weather was great and I could walk without looking to the floor.
Nieve hasta la rodilla 009
Have a wonderful break! I will write from Spain some time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A busy weekend

This weekend was amazing. Everything started on Friday. I went to the Salsa Night sponsored by La Fuerza Latina.
On Saturday the sun appeared. We could open our dorm windows for a long time and I saw some squirrels on campus. I went shopping and I saw a vegetables shop that reminds me my mother's shop. And at the end of the day I went to see the Cirque du Soleil.
On Sunday I went to women's basketball game and in the afternoon I had a three hours long meeting for our trip to China. We watched a documentary and we talk about some issues about China politic system.
It is crazy but most of the days I leave my dorm at 8 in the morning and I don't come back until midnight.
Dancing salsa- Bailando salsa
Salsa 015
A squirrel on campus- Una ardilla en el campus
Ardilla 002
The vegetables shop- La tienda de verduras
Shopping 006
Cirque du Soleil- El circo del sol
Circo del Sol 007

And now in Spanish....
Y ahora en español....

Este fin de semana fue increíble. Todo empezó el viernes cuando fui a una noche de salsa que organizaba La Fuerza Latina.
El sábado el sol por fin apareció. Pudimos abrir las ventanas de la residencia por un buen rato y vi algunas ardillas alrededor del campus. Por la tarde fui de compras y vi una tienda de verduras que me recordó la tienda de mi madre. Y para terminar el día fui a ver el Circo del Sol.
El domingo fui al partido de baloncesto de las chicas y por la tarde tuve una reunión de tres horas sobre nuestro viaje a China. Vimos un documental que hablaba de la historia del sistema político en China.
Es una locura pero la mayoría de los días salgo de mi residencia a las ocho de la mañana para ir a clase y no vuelvo hasta medianoche.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


We are going to play basketball final! Women's basketball Bulldogs are going to play the championship of the MVC Tournament.
We are going to play against Creighton at 2:05 p.m. at the Knapp Center. And the best thing is that the price for students is going to be just $1.
This morning I was complaining because the tickets costs $10 for the female games. I paid $10 on Thursday and today I watched the game on television. But tomorrow I am going for sure to the stadium. Let's go Drake! Let's go Bulldogs!
Drake Women´s Basketball

And now in Spanish...
Y ahora en español...

¡Vamos a jugar la final de baloncesto! Las chicas de baloncesto van a jugar la final del Campeonato de MVC.
Vamos a jugar contra Creighton a las 14.05 en el Knapp Center. Y lo mejor es que las entradas sólo van a costar sólo un dólar para los estudiantes.
Esta mañana estuve protestando porque las entradas costaban 10 dólares para los partidos de las chicas. Para ver el partido del jueves tuve que pagar 10 dólares y hoy vi el partido en la televisión, pero mañana por supuesto que iré al estadio a animar a las chicas. ¡Vamos Drake! ¡Vamos Bulldogs!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I can't write at Picassina

I can't write at Picassina, my other blog since almost three years ago. I started it just to learn how to write for the web and keep in contact with family and friends from my hometown.
And now I have being without blogging for more than one week, something very unusual and I really miss it. I don't know the solution. The problem is that when I try to publish something a message appears, and it says: your blog is blocked by Blogger robots because they think it is spam. I have report about the problem but they didn't reply me yet.
At class everything is good. I have done some pictures of Mars Cafe for JMC 59 class. At JMC 98, we are practice how to do interviews and how to edit the audio with the program called Audacity. At JMC 119, I am working on a magazine idea. And in Honors 98, we are talking about global warming.
Mars Cafe front door- Puerta principal de Mars Cafe
Mars Cafe 012

Mars Cafe pictures for JMC 59 class- Fotos de Mars Cafe para la clase JMC 59

And now in Spanish...
Ahora en español...

No puedo escribir en mi blog Picassina, mi blog desde hace casi tres años. Lo empecé para aprender a escribir en Internet y para que mi familia y mis amigos de mi ciudad supiesen sobre mi en la distancia.
Y ahora, llevo casi una semana sin bloguear y es una cosa muy rara y realmente lo echo mucho de menos. Y n sé cual es la solución. El problema apareció cuando intenté publicar algo y un mensaje de advertencia apareció y decía: tu blog ha sido bloqueado por los robots de Blogger porque pensamos que es spam. He dado a conocer mi problema pero aun no he obtenido ninguna respuesta.
Por clase todo va bien. He hecho algunas fotos de Mars Cafe para mi clase de JMC 59 . En JMC 98, estamos practicando entrevistas y editamos el audio con el programa Audacity. En JMC 119, estoy trabajando en la idea de mi revista. Y en Honors 98, estamos hablando del cambio climático.

Jennifer Pozner at Drake

Yesterday Jennifer Pozner was at Drake University talking about how women are represented at in the media, and how we can change things.
Sometimes it was difficult for me to understand her speech because she speaks really fast. But I understood the hole idea and I wrote a story for the university newspaper, for tomorrow's edition.

Jennifer Pozner
Jennifer Pozner 005

A video she used at the presentation- Un video que utilizo en la presentacion

And now in Spanish...
Y ahora en español....

Ayer estuvo Jennifer Pozner en la Universidad de Drake hablando sobre como las mujeres están representadas en los medios de comunicación y cómo se pueden cambiar las cosas.
En algunas ocasiones me fue difícil entender a Jennifer porque ella habla muy rápido, pero entendí la idea general y escribí una noticia para el periódico de la universidad para el número de mañana.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Classes canceled

On Thursday and on Friday the classes were canceled because of the weather. A big snow storm canceled my trip to Wisconsin to visit a friend, so I stayed at Drake and I do some activities like watching a movie for class: "The day after tomorrow," read some stories, study for my JMC 59 exam, and read the book "The Spectator," by Studs Terkel.
Drake classes canceled- Las clases en Drake canceladas
Clase cancelada
Drake campus with a lot of snow- El campus con mucha nieve
Nieve hasta la rodilla 003
Cole Hall- Edificio Cole
Nieve hasta la rodilla 010
Stalactites at the trees- Estalactitas en los árboles
Nieve hasta la rodilla 018

And now in Spanish...
Y ahora en español...

El jueves y el viernes cancelaron las clases por culpa del tiempo. Una fuerte tormenta de nieve canceló mi viaje a Wisconsin donde quería ir a visitar a una amiga, así que me quedé en Drake e hice algunas actividades como ver una película para clase: "El día de mañana", leer algunas noticias, estudiar para mi examen de JMC 59 y leer el libro "The Spectator" de Studs Terkel.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert

On Friday I went to Wells Fargo Arena to see Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert.
This was the second time that I saw the band in alive and they are great. I specially like the music, but also the stage, the decoration, and the lights they use. I can't believe it that they were at Des Moines.
Pictures from the concert- Fotos del concierto

And now in Spanish...
Y ahora en español...

El viernes fui al Wells Fargo Arena a ver un concierto de los Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Esta fue la segunda vez que vi a la banda en directo y son geniales. Me gusta especialmente la música, los decorados, el escenario, la decoración y la música que utilizan. No me puedo creer que hayan estado en Des Moines.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Sorry for the delay. In the last days I did not have laptop and it was very difficult to do my papers and things without it. I spend a lot of hours in front of it, so I think it was a good idea to know that I have to change it and spend less time with technology and more with society.
Now, I have a new laptop and I will write again in this blog more experiences.
My new laptop- Mi nuevo portátil
Mab Book

And now in Spanish...
Y ahora en español...

Perdón por el retraso. Los últimos días no tuve portátil y fue difícil hacer todos los trabajos y resto de cosas sin él. Yo estoy muchas horas en frente de uno, así que creo que fue una idea para saber que tengo que cambiar y estar menos tiempo con la tecnología y más con la sociedad.
Y ahora, que tengo ordenador nuevo, volveré a escribir otra vez en el blog sobre más experiencias.

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